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Top Tips for Exercising pre and postpartum.

It's been a number of months where I've been putting out video content every week. I've learnt so much from the incredible practitioners I've been lucky to partner with.

There are a number of tips and tricks that have stood out to me along the way and they're also the top questions I get asked by my clients!

Here is a summary of some of the content so far:

1. I'm pregnant - can I exercise?! I heard that I can't get my heart rate up, or hang from a pull-up bar, or christ - sit up out of bed...

  • Your level of exercise during pregnancy will depend on your level of exercise pre-pregnancy. But yes - you can exercise during pregnancy doing what feels comfortable for you. The research currently shows that elevating your heart rate to zones 2-3 has benefits for mom and baby!

  • There is also currently no research that links strength or weight training during pregnancy to your level of abdominal separation post pregnancy.

  • Incorporate pelvic floor connection breathing to your exercise routine during pregnancy to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

2. How soon after giving birth will I be back to 'normal'?

  • Spend time embracing a new chapter of your life - your body has changed and it's ok to accept that. Spend time connecting with your core and pelvic floor muscles through breath work and light movement - walking/ stretching when you are able.

  • Focus on a high protein diet and consuming enough to support you through your initial postpartum phase. A healthy, balance diet will help you with sleep quality, mood stabilization and recovery from birth.

  • Iron is an essential nutrient to monitor for women to help with energy, sleep and more!

  • You're stronger than you know, you just need a little time, patience and guidance - follow a progressive program to help you reach your strength and fitness goals, whether they're the same as pre-baby or new ones you're hoping to accomplish.

3. Self Care for Mom:

  • In January, through the wellness challenge, I felt some tips resonated more than others. Here are my favourites:

  • Post a positive affirmation where you can see and read it daily!

  • Get outside! Not always easy to do, but a 15-30min walk in nature has healing benefits.

  • Learn/ Listen/ Read/ Share something new. It's easy to get stuck in the cycle of kids education and programs but listen to a podcast or read a new book this month.

  • You don't have to 'have something wrong' to visit a naturopath, RMT, chiropractor or physio - all practitioners will treat you preventatively and teach you something new about your body.

- Coach Lisa


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