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Our Services

no bs. made for you. in person. online.

at your finger tips.

We pride ourselves on a customized fitness approach. Personalized coaching, progressive programming and lifelong results.



 Interested in learning more? Book in a consultation - this can be done virtually or in-person!


Determine the best customized approach for you - choose a program that works. 


Meet your coach and start working toward your goals. 

Check out the types of services below!


Personal Training

1-1 or 2-1 COACHING

Available with all of our coaches at all of our locations. Sessions are 1 hour long and are tailored very specifically towards your goals. 

Your coach will guide you through a warmup, followed by a workout and mobility and stretching. We hope that you leave your session feeling better than when you walk in. That you learn something new, feel strong and gain a little more confidence with each session. 

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Hybrid Training



Compliment your in-person session(s) with additional at-home programming.

Your coach will write your workout programming based on your goals,

training facility and equipment available. This is all delivered via personal programming app TrueCoach.

You have the flexibility of working out when/ how you want but with the backing and knowledge of an expert coach who understands your body and your needs. 

Our most popular service is a weekly personal training session supplemented with at home programming. Your coach with you every step of the way - it doesn't get better than that. We take out the guess work and provide you with the accountability you need to keep going. 




Work with a beSTRONG coach 1-1 to determine the best nutrition approach for you. We specialize in weight loss/ weight gain, athlete performance and pre/post natal nutrition. 

Our coaching style is to help guide and teach you about nutrition and why changes do/ don't work for you. The goal is to create healthy, sustainable habits that you can carry forward with you through the rest of your life.

Through MyFitnessPal and TrueCoach, along with virtual check-ins, you'll stay connected to your coach who will help guide you every step of the way.

This service is offered in tandem with personal training/ hybrid coaching or as a stand alone offering. 

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