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Running Gear - If you're a beginner - Start Here!

The fall is a great time of year to start running. It's cooler, the leaves are turning amazing colors, and there is something to see at every corner. You really can't beat fall running. And the best thing is you get to build a great running base for the new year. Maybe even sign up for that 5km or 10km race you have always dreamed of doing!

So, what do you need to head out the door on your first run?

The obvious answer would be shoes.... A good pair of running shoes is an absolute must. If you have never had a shoe fit done this is a great time to head to your local running store and ask for some assistance. It's never a bad idea to wear your current running or walking shoes so they can see the wear pattern on the soles as this can help them determine the best shoe for you. You also want to decide if you are going to be running on roads, trails or a combination of both. My favorite road shoes are Brooks, favorite tail shoes are Salomon and favorite combo shoes are Asics.

Yes, I may have a slight addiction to running shoes, my closet is full of them.

Clothes, I'm talking socks, shorts, tights, shirts. Honestly, you probably have everything you need already. But if you are looking to purchase some new gear look for moisture wicking fabrics (merino wool items are great for the lower mainland).

My go to gear for fall running are my Running Room shorts, Ronhill light weight long sleeved shirt and my thin Asics socks. I tend to run warm so don’t move over to tights until much later in the year. And then there is the dreaded sports bra. You do need a good sports bra for running. It should be a high impact bra that offers the right amount of support and allows for you to move comfortably. If you don't have one, this is the second most important purchase after shoes. (I kid you not, the sports bra is a make it or break it for me and running. I've found a Brooks one I like, and I have been buying it for 6 years.)

And then we get to outerwear. It rains here in Vancouver, a lot. But before you go running (yeah, I went there) out to purchase a new jacket take a look in your closet. Do you have anything that will work for running in the rain? If not, you are looking for a waterproof and windproof jacket with taped seams, ventilation, sweat wicking and some reflective bits. I spent a lot of time researching this big-ticket item. When I finally decided to make the purchase, I went with the lululemon Break a Trail jacket. I love the fit and how dry it keeps me when the weather does turn nasty.

Lastly, accessories! I’m like a kid in a candy store when I get to go shopping for running accessories, there are just so many things you can get. My must haves, that I never leave the house with are either my Flipbelt or my Salomon vest (to carry my phone, keys and water and snacks). My hat (I may have a little problem with collecting hats too) and my Goodr sunglasses. And lastly, if you are going to run in the dark then please treat yourself to some high visibility gear. I like a hi-vis harness, and reflective bands, they are so light I don’t even know I have them on.

Whatever you decide, the best running gear is something you feel good in and that gets you out the door!

Happy Running,

- Coach Sarah

P. S - Have you downloaded our free 0-5km run program? We have you covered HERE.

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