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Diastasis Recti - Part 2

Jodie Pulsifer from Full Circle Physiotherapy continues to elaborate on Diastasis Recti.

During pregnancy, the space between your abdominal wall (linea alba) expands to allow room for the baby to grow.

After pregnancy, this space becomes soft like a suspension bridge. It is more difficult to walk across a soft suspension bridge than one that has been pulled taught. Therefore, in order to better transfer load through our core area, we need to create tension. This causes your abdominal wall to stretch - that's ok!

When you learn to load your body safely, your tissues become more dense. 100% of people at the end of pregnancy have a Diastasis, 60% by 12 weeks postpartum and 30% after a year.

While spontaneous recovery happens, it's important to follow a program (like beMOMSTRONG) that allows you to connect with your abdominal wall and also become functional through movement.

- Coach Lisa

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