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The Most Common Mistakes People Make Squatting

Squatting is a functional movement that we use! Like seriously - if you want to continue to get up and down off the toilet when you're in your 90's without assistance - this is a movement you need to practice and be strong at.

Ankles, knees, hips and chest - let's evaluate.

Ankles - I see many people with the incorrect foot stance (or tight ankles - but that's another post all together). Your feet should be approximately shoulder width apart. Your stance should allow full range of motion comfortably.

Knees - Keep your knees over your toes. Don't let them fall inwards and don't push them excessively outwards either!

Hips - These move back and down. Your hips move simultaneously with your knees.

Chest - Your chest does not need to be vertical while you're squatting. Chances are for most of us (depending on our body proportions) - our chest is going to move forward as our hips go back. THAT'S OK. Keep your chest open and your back straight but lean forward slightly to keep your balance.

Use your arms and your breathing to aid in your posture and consistency.

Happy Squatting.

- Coach Lisa


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