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Equipment, Time and Location

What equipment will you need to complete the programming?

I recommend a set of dumbbells OR resistance bands. Hip resistance bands can be purchased from the beMOMSTRONG shop. If you don't have bands or dumbbells - you can use milk jugs, wine bottles or anything with some weight to it. You will also need a box, bench or sturdy chair - something to do step ups on.

How much time do you need each day?

The programming will vary between 30minutes to 55minutes. Strength days are typically shorter than the HIIT or long workout days. It is fine to do part of the workout when you have 15-20minutes and come back to the rest later. You can update your workout in TrueCoach at any time.

Where should you workout?

If you have access to a gym - this is a great option. You can use their equipment and take some time out for yourself. It's not necessary though!

If it's a sunny day - workout outside, occasionally the program asks you to walk/ run/ carry 50-100m so having the option to do that is great.

You can also do all the work at home in your living room.

The video below summarizes the different options.

- Coach Lisa


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