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What to expect from a Pelvic Floor Physio Assessment

Jodie Pulsifer from Full Circle Physiotherapy talks about what you can expect from your first Pelvic Floor Physio assessment.

Anyone can go and see a pelvic floor physio - whether you're going for preventative care, out of curiosity or if you are seeking help for a specific problem.

The physiotherapist should evaluate you as a whole person - they are physiotherapists first, with additional training for pelvic floor. Therefore, the analysis ensures that all systems are working together to be fully functional.

The assessment starts with some questions, these will include intimate questions. Then the abdominal wall is looked at. After - the muscles from the pubic bone to the tail bone are looked at and can be felt to ensure they are working correctly.

An internal exam can also be done to evaluate if your pelvic floor muscles are functioning correctly. This includes strengthening and lengthening. Up to 70% of people are not able to correctly engage these muscles.

The assessment should not be painful and the goal is to provide you with tools and exercises you can use for lifelong pelvic health.

Book an appointment with a pelvic floor physiotherapist at Full Circle Physiotherapy or contact Jodie directly.

- Coach Lisa

- Video and content provided by Jodie Pulsifer at Full Circle Physiotherapy

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