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Understanding the workout categories

There are 3 workout categories you will see in the beMOMSTRONG programming. Strength days, HIIT days and Long and Fun workouts.

Strength days are designed to be more controlled and slower movements. Forcing you to think about muscle contraction and extension. These are often programmed as supersets. For example:

A1: 3x10squats

A2: 3x10pushups

In this instance, you do 1 set of squats (10 squats) followed by 1 set of pushups (10 pushups) and repeat 3 times.

HIIT days are generally 4-6minute bouts of exercise followed by a rest period. In these, you will be completing an AMRAP (as many rounds and reps as possible). The goal on HIIT days is to go as hard as you are can.

Longer workouts are typically 20-30minutes in length and should be done at talking pace. Work at 70-80% and pick a pace that allows you to keep moving with minimal rest periods.

The video below explains more. You can always reach out if you have questions!

- Coach Lisa

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