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Pelvic Floor Muscles - Function and Training

In this video - I talk about our natural breathing function and the role the pelvic floor muscles play in that.

On the inhale, as our chest rises and ribcage expands, our pelvic floor muscles lengthen (moves downwards) and should be relaxed.

On the exhale, our pelvic floor muscles contract as they move upwards.

It's important to have full range of motion - full extension and full contraction (just like any other muscle group).

Just like we train other muscles like our biceps and quads in the gym to get stronger, we should train our pelvic floor muscles to be stronger too!

On the beMOMSTRONG monthly program - we do these breathing exercises in isolation each week so that when it comes to running, jumping and lifting we can slowly increase the intensity of these exercises as our pelvic floor muscles get stronger.

Watch the video to understand how these breathing exercises should feel.

- Coach Lisa


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