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At beSTRONG, we have a number of virtual and in person coaching services to help you get stronger and fitter!

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That's ok! Work with us to build confidence in

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Committed to exercise but can't get

into a gym as much as you'd like? 

That's ok! Work with us to create a schedule of gym and at home workouts to meet your goals.

You're an elite athlete and just need something a little extra? Awesome! Work with us to refine the intricacies of your sport and keep progressing. 

No matter your level - if you're looking to get stronger and fitter. You're in the right place. 

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What People are Saying:

I followed Lisa’s programming to build towards my first Powerlifting Competition. I really liked the way the accessory work she programmed took the movements I was working on and broke them down into building blocks that my lifts really benefited from. I felt the program prepared me very well. Lisa also has a way about her that made me feel at ease even in such a new and potentially overwhelming environment. She proactively led me step by step through everything I should expect on competition day, answered all my questions, and foresaw others that I hadn’t even thought of. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her to coach me again towards another competition.
I’ve also taken several group classes with Lisa over the past few years. She has a laser-like ability to zero in on parts of your movement that could be improved and a tact about her when she communicates that means you’re getting verbal cues that resonate with you and make it easy to understand how to correct your movement. I find this to be a special strength of hers - giving you the right amount of feedback for where you are at to help you progress to where she wants you to be without making you feel like you need to adjust everything at once. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to benefit from her technique coaching.
Agnieszka Jaszczewska
Lisa introduced me to true strength training a few years ago, and it has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have never been so motivated and excited to hit my workouts every day. The training is super focused and goal-specific, which makes me strive to improve every single day and I love having longer term goals always on the horizon. I have never been stronger, healthier and more confident in the gym in my life. Lisa always knows just what to say to keep you pushing further – sometimes a reassuring word of encouragement, sometimes a needed kick in the pants! I would never have made the gains I have made without Lisa’s awesome coaching.
Fran Rattray
I'm a picky chic when it comes to coaches or helpers of any kind and I'd recommend Lisa time and again.  
She's highly professional & astute. She's cheeky when it matters, which looks like getting me to lift extra weight I didn't think I could anytime she KNEW I had it in me (so many wins and feelings of pride I hadn't expected!). She respects boundaries, is thoughtful about what's right or not for an individual's body and no matter her day always brings encouragement and celebration to any win big or small. 
I always appreciate her skill, care and thoughtfulness and these qualities matched with her experience lifting and in fitness and movement in general are GOLD and not easily found in a coach. This girl strives for excellence and brings heart. Use her.
Jamie Sullivan



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