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Personal training and

Personalized Online Programming. 

Our mission is to help busy women gain confidence, strength and connection to their bodies for healthier, happier and more functional lives. 

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New Group Class - Squamish

Join this small group class to learn and improve the fundamentals of movement patterns for building strength in your body.  


Each class has different programming and your coach will ensure that exercises are appropriate to your skill level. ​


Class is capped at 6 people and designed to help you progress from bodyweight to barbell. ​Every Saturday at 8am and 9am. $30 drop in.. 

It sucks to live in pain, to miss out on activities because you lack

strength, confidence and time. We can help with that. 


Our coaches are some of the best in the business. We pride ourselves on inclusivity, collaboration and long term relationships. All of our services are 100% customizable to help you reach your goals or overcome your setbacks through a unique 1-1 approach. 

We offer 1-1 Personal Training and 1-1 Hybrid Coaching. 

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1-1 Personal Training

Meet with your coach 1-1 up to 4 times per week at one of our 3 locations OR virtually from the comfort of your own home.

1-1 Hybrid

The world of online programming and personal training combine. All of your programming done for you with the option to check in with your coach 1-1,

1 or more times per month. 

Nutrition Coaching

Work with your coach on a personal approach to improving your nutrition. We provide education, guidance and accountability tailored toward your goals.




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Build strength. For sport. For life. For healthy aging. For Fun. Forever. 


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Strength in conception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 



Experienced coaches

The beSTRONG coaches have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with you. 
As people and athletes they boast a big repertoire of successes and failures that have helped them coach other incredible humans. 
From clients with chronic pain and fear of movement to world class athletes, our superpower as coaches is to work with the person standing in front of us. No gimmick or one size fits all. We’re here to provide evidence-based coaching combined with the accountability, love and care you need to excel. 



 Interested in learning more? Book in a consultation - this can be done virtually or in-person!


Determine the best customized approach for you - choose a program that works. 


Meet your coach and start working toward your goals. 

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I followed Lisa’s programming to build towards my first Powerlifting Competition. I really liked the way the accessory work she programmed took the movements I was working on and broke them down into building blocks that my lifts really benefited from. I felt the program prepared me very well. Lisa also has a way about her that made me feel at ease even in such a new and potentially overwhelming environment. She proactively led me step by step through everything I should expect on competition day, answered all my questions, and foresaw others that I hadn’t even thought of. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her to coach me again towards another competition.
I’ve also taken several group classes with Lisa over the past few years. She has a laser-like ability to zero in on parts of your movement that could be improved and a tact about her when she communicates that means you’re getting verbal cues that resonate with you and make it easy to understand how to correct your movement. I find this to be a special strength of hers - giving you the right amount of feedback for where you are at to help you progress to where she wants you to be without making you feel like you need to adjust everything at once. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to benefit from her technique coaching.

Agnieszka Jaszczewska


Read our live google reviews to see more testimonials from clients. 

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