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You are unique and STRONG! 

Your journey through motherhood changes every day. To stick with your fitness goals during these life and routine changes, they need to be easy to maintain and flexible. 

That's why our approach is customized - just for you. 

 EXPERT CONTENT. Programming and content by industry experts with proven results. 


Our team’s approach to postpartum fitness is about gradually incorporating movement (strength training, mobility and stretching)

into your daily routine. 

Appropriate if you're trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum.

The monthly beMOMSTRONG program.

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Realtime Coaching

Q&A and Video Feedback

Movement Library

Demonstration and Explanation


Weekly Workouts - Tailored to your Goals

Exclusive Community

Monthly Events & FB Community

Scalable Workouts

All Fitness Levels Welcome

"The work I did with Lisa kept my mind and my body strong in the days leading to and following the birth of my daughter"
Bronwyn M


"I worked with the BeSTRONG team during my pregnancy and now in my postpartum. I cannot thank this team enough for the level of support and ACCESS to training online, through the app and IRL.


The fact that I can message the team questions, see all my workouts/plan my week, watch the how-to videos and get support on nutrition make the MOMSTRONG program accessible and possible.


Being able to move safely while pregnant and now postpartum has helped me in more ways than I can explain in a review. This group of trainers know how to support and customize fitness in a way that just makes sense!" 

Megan Dufresne. New mom to Gio, at 11 months working out with mom at the gym with Lisa

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Anyone can join the beMOMSTRONG facebook group. Click below to become a part of the community!

Did you know?!

What’s the difference between beMOMSTRONG and beSTRONG?


It's the same level of personal care

and customized programming.

With beMOMSTRONG you get bonus access to additional expert knowledge, resources and the community of moms on Facebook. 


Whether you’re 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years postpartum, it’s never too late to make your health a priority!

Are you ready to make small changes to incorporate movement and strength training into your everyday? It's time to beMOMSTRONG!


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Lisa introduced me to true strength training a few years ago, and it has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have never been so motivated and excited to hit my workouts every day. The training is super focused and goal-specific, which makes me strive to improve every single day and I love having longer term goals always on the horizon. I have never been stronger, healthier and more confident in the gym in my life. Lisa always knows just what to say to keep you pushing further – sometimes a reassuring word of encouragement, sometimes a needed kick in the pants! I would never have made the gains I have made without Lisa’s awesome coaching.

Francine Rattray

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